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Workforce Development Program: Building the Future of this Industry

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Every builder knows there is a growing crisis within the home building industry. With each passing year, it becomes more and more difficult to find trades professionals skilled in carpentry. Fortunately, there is a national trend focusing on the next generation of high school students to introduce them to the Home Building trade. With key support from our members, BRAGB is involved in developing Carpentry trades programs in our local high schools. BRAGB’s first program began in the fall of 2018 at Milford High School. Thanks to BRAGB Builder member Tony Chiarelli of Landmark Associates, GC, who introduced Principal Josh Otlin to BRAGB Career Pathways Chair Brian Robertson of Mason and Mason Insurance and me, we were able to establish this program!

Our workforce development program was created to get public high school students interested in careers in the trades. With the labor shorage in today's building industry (some would say it’s a crisis). As we aim to find ways to fix this issue, BRAGB is doing something about it by exposing young individuals to the construction industry. We are building the next generation of project managers, foremen, tradespeople, etc. to take the baton eventually from the individuals on which this association was established.

Call to Action! For this program to work, local high schools require the tools and equipment necessary to train our next generation of carpenters. BRAGB needs your help to make this happen! Please reach out to for ways in which you can contribute. Tools and equipment items are listed or you can make a modest donation that will be used to fill the list.

Help us create the Next Generation of Home Builders through the success of our Workforce Development Program. Contribute today. Thank you!


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