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Why join a professional association like BRAGB?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We have found that members join an organization like BRAGB because they are looking for solutions to five core business objectives:

  • Grow Business/Make Money

  • Save Money

  • Obtain Education

  • Find Peer Support

  • Support the Industry

Members stay because in pursuit of these things, they discover that membership brings other tangible and intangible rewards they weren't even counting on, including a network of people to count on and learn from, numerous means for personal and professional development, valuable promotional opportunities, and even life-long friendships. I encourage you to check out what professional organizations support your industry. If you work in or around the home building industry in the Greater Boston area, we invite you to explore what membership in BRAGB could do for you. Contact us at 781-890-2101 or Visit our website at for more information.

For questions regarding membership/sponsorships, please contact


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