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Member Spotlight: Kevin Cradock

Updated: May 7, 2020

Name: Kevin Cradock

Job title: President

Company: Kevin Cradock Builders

Years with Current Company: 25

Years as a BRAGB Member: 3

Birthplace/Hometown: Boston, MA

Family: Angie (wife), Finnuala (20 year old daughter), Caimin (18 year old son)

College Attended: No College, Veteran US Coast Guard

First Job Unrelated to Field: Seaman Apprentice, Coast Guard

First Job in Current Field: Apprentice Carpenter

How Did You Get Into the Business: I’ve loved woodworking and carpentry as long as I can remember. I started as a teenager and never looked back.

What's Your Company's Newest or Most Noteworthy Product or Service: Our COVID-19 Handwashing Station

Keys to Success: Positive Communication, Attention to Detail

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be: Furniture Maker

Are You Involved In Any Other Organizations Besides BRAGB: NARI, IFDA

What's Something Most People Don't Know About You: I have dual Irish/US Citizenship

Hobbies: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Fly Fishing, Hiking

Favorite TV Show Currently on the Air: The Man in the High Castle

Favorite Sports Team: Red Sox

Favorite Novel: The Grapes of Wrath

Favorite Film: Dazed and Confused


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