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Member Spotlight: Paul Sodano

Name: Paul Sodano

Job title: Sr VP – Commercial Loan Officer

Company: Needham Bank

Website:  Needham Bank

Location of Headquarters: Needham, MA

Years with Current Company:8

Years as a BRAGB Member:1

Birthplace/Hometown:Brighton, MA/Lexington

Family:Wife Mary, Son Michael

College Attended:Northeastern

First Job Unrelated to Field:Nashawtuc CC

First Job in Current Field:Mutal Bank – Since Deceased

How Did You Get Into the Business:Started as a teller, Needed a job

Keys to Success: Hard Work and a lot of luck

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be: National Park Ranger

Are You Involved In Any Other Organizations Besides BRAGB:  Appalachian Mt. Club, American Alpine Club


Favorite TV Show Currently on the Air:N/A

Favorite Sports Team:Any Boston Team

Favorite Novel: ?  I am a reader of non-fiction

Favorite Film:Wizard of OZ


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