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Member Spotlight: Nance Marshall

Name: Nance Marshall

Job title: Outside Sales for the Kohler Signature Stores by Supply New England (Natick, Boston & Burlington)

Company: Supply New England    

Location of Headquarters: Attleboro, MA

Years with Current Company: 1

Years as a BRAGB Member: 1

Birthplace/Hometown: Birthplace: Queens, NY  Currently Reside in:Framingham, MA

Family: 3 Grown Kids

College Attended : ace University, BAC

First Job Unrelated to Field: Bartending

First Job in Current Field: Kitchen and Bath Designer

How Did You Get Into the Business: I call myself a “serial remodeler” I love remodeling.  I have remodeled 3 of my own homes and countless clients homes.

What's Your Company's Newest or Most Noteworthy Product or Service: Besides me, I believe as a small family owned and operated company we have so many great resources to offer our clientele.  Kohler is coming out with some new products that Alexa can operate!  Very cool!

Keys to Success: Keep moving forward… with a smile.

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be: Surprisingly, I’d love to operate heavy equipment.

Are You Involved In Any Other Organizations Besides BRAGB: I’m a Co-Treasurer for NKBA and I do attend NARI meetings.

What's Something Most People Don't Know About You: I’m a Spinning Instructor, 3 early mornings each week.

Hobbies: Crafts, SUPing, Cooking, Having FUN

Favorite TV Show Currently on the Air: I love reality TV… it’s hysterical!

Favorite Sports Team: NE Patriots

Favorite Novel: anything by John Grisham or Howard Gould

Favorite Film: most Rom-Coms… I just love a good laugh


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