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Member Spotlight: Dan McQuillan

Name: Daniel C. McQuillan Jr.

Job title: Owner

Company: D. McQuillan Construction and Fine Homes LLC.

Location of Headquarters: Medfield, MA

Years with Current Company: 15

Years as a BRAGB Member: 3

Birthplace/Hometown: Redwood City, CA

Family: My wife, Liza, and our three daughters, Rylie, Everlie, and Malie

College Attended: Bentley University

First Job Unrelated to Field: Flipping pizzas at Papa Gino’s 

First Job in Current Field: S.E. Luttazi: Site Work: Dover, MA

How Did You Get Into the Business: I grew up in a blue collar household, natural progression. You were expected to work and work hard. That’s how we were raised.

What's Your Company's Newest or Most Noteworthy Product or Service: We are always on. If you send an email, text, or phone call someone will be responding back. Sundays, nights, holidays. This industry has evolved and so have we to meet our clients needs.

Keys to Success: Hard work, listing to our clients wants and needs, and persistence from the beginning to the end of each project.

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be: Sales: yacht sales/broker

Are You Involved In Any Other Organizations Besides BRAGB: BNI Momentum @ Back Bay.

What's Something Most People Don't Know About You: I lived in Australia for a semester in college and traveled to Figi and New Zealand

Hobbies: Boating, traveling, admiring exotic cars

Favorite TV Show Currently on the Air: Street Outlaws, NFL

Favorite Sports Team: NE Patriots

Favorite Novel: Valley Boy

Favorite Film: It’s a tie: Top Gun and The Last Samurai


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