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Member Spotlight: Bill Conkey

Name: Bill Conkey

Job title: Specialty Sales Manager

Company: National Lumber

Location of Headquarters: Mansfield, MA

Years with Current Company: 2-1/2

Years as a BRAGB Member: 2-1/2

Birthplace/Hometown: Belchertown, MA / Grafton, MA

Family: wife, 2 daughters

College Attended: Umass Amherst  

First Job Unrelated to Field: EMT

First Job in Current Field: Sales

How Did You Get Into the Business: Picked up for kindergarten outside my parents’ lumberyard. 

What's Your Company's Newest or Most Noteworthy Product or Service: National has recently scaled up our custom millwork capabilities to accommodate more custom casework business, and we’ve acquired another manufacturing facility to add capacity to our roof, floor and wall panel production. With the scarcity of labor at worksites, we’re seeing a big push to offsite construction of components.

Keys to Success: Show up early, stay late, own mistakes and return phone calls.

If You Had to Choose a Different Profession, What Would It Be:  Long haul trucker

Are You Involved In Any Other Organizations Besides BRAGB: EMNARI, NRLA,

What's Something Most People Don't Know About You: I drove a bus in college

Hobbies: motorcycles, woodworking, beer, travel

Favorite TV Show Currently on the Air: Maine Cabin Masters

Favorite Sports Team: Pats, if they are on when I have nothing else to do

Favorite Novel: 1984

Favorite Film: Tommy Boy


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