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Builder Member Spotlight: Rebel Builders

Headquarters: Newton, MA

Founder: Diana Pauro

Years in business: 3

BRAGB Member since: 2019

What is the primary focus (specialty) of Rebel Builders?

Whole house remodels, additions, and we're soon launching into new constructions!

Why should a home-owner choose Rebel Builders?

We are a Design-Build Company so we streamline the entire process and prioritize efficiency, transparency, and good communication with homeowners with a kick of a global design talent

What is one thing you want us to remember about Rebel Builders?

The attentiveness and passion of our team

What is something unique about Rebel Builders?

We are founded/owned by a Queer Latinx Woman

What is your reason for joining BRAGB?

Being part of a great industry networking group and accessing resources to empower the team

If you were elected to be BRAGB’s President, what would your top agenda item be?

Modernizing the approach for finding talent, educating youth, and preparing them for careers in the trades

Any final words about Rebel Builders?

We're called Rebel Builders for a reason; we do things differently.

Submitted by Rachel Rimm: Marketing Manager, Rebel Builders


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