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Builder Member Spotlight: Oak Development & Design

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Headquarters: Hingham, MA

Year founded: 2015

BRAGB Member since: 2020


Oak Development & Design is led by husband and wife duo PJ Antonik (Founder, CEO) and Lizzy Antonik (Lead Designer). They are also the hosts of their own home improvement TV series Heart of Oak, which follows Oak Development & Design as they build, design, and renovate homes in Coastal New England.

What is the primary focus or specialty of your company?

Home development + design and specialty building on the South Shore.

Why should a home-owner choose your company?

Quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and building trusting relationships is the cornerstone of our business.

What is one thing that you want us to remember about your company?

That we embrace challenges with skill and expertise.

What is your reason for joining BRAGB?

To be part of an association that represents the best builders and designers in the greater Boston area.

Submitted by Melanie Chandler-Blood, Creative Marketing Manager, Oak Development & Design.


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