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Builder Member Spotlight: Fresh Start Contracting

Headquarters: Burlington, MA

Principal Owners: Ben O'Sullivan-Pierce and Nick Stamos

Years in business: 16

BRAGB Member since: 2022

What is Fresh Start Contracting's primary focus?

Fresh Start specializes in custom homes and renovations.

Why should a homeowner choose Fresh Start Contracting?

Founded by two friends, Fresh Start understands the value of lasting relationships. Over the last 16 years we have built a great structure including Project Managers, Supervisors, Carpenters, and Office Staff. Our team works daily with our clients, architects, and trade partners to produce a high-quality custom product that will last a lifetime. We take pride in our model of full financial transparency and stand behind every detail of the work we oversee. Whether we are talking to architects, vendors, or subcontractors, we look for partners who are not only passionate about the work, but the customer experience! Our employees focus on being friendly and knowledgeable to our clients because we understand the significant commitment and investment that comes with renovating their home. Simply put, people need someone to trust and rely on, and that’s what we have built our name on.

What is a unique fact about Fresh Start Contracting?

Fresh Start was founded in 2006 by two college friends and has since grown to a 40-person company.

What is one thing you want us to remember about Fresh Start Contracting?

Our core values: Be Humbly Confident, Do Whatever It Takes, Sweat the Details, Show You Care, and Always be Trustworthy. Clients deserve high quality service and work, regardless of job size or location.

What is your reason for joining BRAGB?

To be around like-minded people, networking, and learning.

If you were elected to be BRAGB’s President, what would your top agenda item be?

Educating people on how to recruit new talent into the industry.

Anything else to add?

We have enjoyed being a part of BRAGB in the short time we have been here!

Submitted by Ben O'Sullivan-Pierce (Co-Owner) and Montana Santiano (Sales & Marketing Coordinator), Fresh Start Contracting


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