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BRAGB and the other State Local Chapters have recognized the Cost vs. Value Report, published annually by Remodeling Magazine, as a helpful resource for homeowners who are about to start a home renovation project. This site compares average costs for various remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 136 U.S. markets each year.


Let's face it, home renovation projects take place for a variety of reasons. Some are a mix of personal preference and increased home value, while others focus solely on the latter; often in an effort to sell or flip a home. Because home renovation projects occur for a variety of reasons, a project’s ROI cannot always be strictly measured in monetary terms. That being said, in a world full of data, homeowners are looking for a guide to help determine which project will return the best ROI in terms of hard dollars. With this report, your guide!

This report will help you:

  • Plan your next project by providing budget expectations 

  • Assist with financing for loans

  • Learn about trends relating to various remodeling projects

  • Help you compare quotes from various remodeling companies

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