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Builder Member Spotlight: Bancroft Construction

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Headquarters: Reading, MA

Principal Owner: Paul Vittozzi

Years in business: 2.5 years

BRAGB Member since: 2021

What is the primary focus (specialty) of Bancroft Construction?

Custom-built homes and renovations. We bring to life an architect's, designer's, and homeowner's vision.

Why should a homeowner choose Bancroft Construction?

We focus on the finished product just as much as we focus on the customer experience and the processes and procedures that get us there.

What is one thing you want us to remember about Bancroft Construction?

We build to develop relationships that will span generations. We want to build your dream home and your kids' dream home.

What is something unique about Bancroft Construction?

Our kitchen cabinets are built on-site, fully custom.

What is your reason for joining BRAGB?

Networking and education.

If you were elected to be BRAGB’s President, what would your top agenda item be?

Offering homeowner education of the building process.

Any final words about Bancroft Construction?

Customer service and experience is #1.

Submitted by Paul Vittozzi, Principal Owner, Bancroft Construction


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